Live Barcelona

Thinking of settling here? Want to enjoy the great weather and friendly people?

We have compiled all the information you need to know


If your stay here last more than 90 days, you are required to obtain the following paperwork:

  • NIE (numero identificacion de extranjero) - it`s your unique personal resident number (see [here] documentation, [here] the list of forms, and [here] the list of offices where you need to get an appointment),
  • Empadronamiento - it`s a registration with the municipality, mandatory for people living 6+ months (make [here] an appointment),
  • TSI (tarjeta sanitaria individual) - helps you visit doctors and hospitals (see [here] more details),
  • Social Security Number - allows you to access other public services (see [here] a list of local offices).


Barcelona, being part of Catalonia, has two official languages: Catalan and Castellan (Spanish).

Whilst the "official" language is Catalan when visiting a public office (police, doctors, council); it is considered to be polite to apologise not talking Catalan.

As the city is multinational, English is also widely spoken by the tourists and students.

In case you are looking to learn some Spanish, we recommend this free application:


There are many options to choose in regards to renting a long-contract accommodation, from Facebook (some will try to scam you so don`t pay anything before getting the keys), letting agencies and other online services.

An accurate average price for a room would be between €250-300.

There are of course people who will try to rent these rooms at this price and upsell them to you at €400+. In order to avoid being ripped off, we recommend you use one of the latest online services here:



Barceloneta - this zone is home to Barcelona's nearest shoreline to the downtown area. Famous with families and visitors who need great access to the focal point of the city however far from the buzzing about of the core of the downtown area.

Barcelona Sants - The region of Sants itself doesn't have that numerous attractions and is very private anyway the straightforwardness with which you can go to territories of intrigue is an or more point. Convenience has a tendency to be less expensive in this Barrio.

Bogatell - This territory offer prepared access to Barcelona's Bogatell Beach and Port Olympic zone. It has great associations with the downtown area by means of the Yellow line metro and it's solitary a 10-minute metro ride into the core of the downtown area.

Eixample District - Some of Barcelona's best shopping is found in this Barrio. It additionally has numerous bars and eateries alongside innovator design e.g. Gaudí's Casa Batlló, Casa Mila and Sagrada Familia. This Barrio is additionally portrayed by a bustling framework like street framework.

El Born - Offers culture and customary structures near Barcelona focus. The zone is near the shoreline and has great nightlife, eateries, and bars.

El Raval - Controversial zone in Barcelona, presumably more appropriate for prepared explorers. Raval is an intriguing and energizing zone in Barcelona anyway it likewise has its darker and shabby side that you should know about. It is surely not the most secure or the cleanest territory in Barcelona, however, it has an exceptional identity and character the greater part of its own that makes this region a convincing visit.

Gothic Quarter - The "old city" in the core of Barcelona and the "first" Barcelona where the city all began. This zone is portrayed by winding cobbled antiquated roads, brilliantly beautiful engineering, top quality eateries and bistros brimming with climate.

Gracia Barrio - Gràcia was an autonomous town until the late nineteenth century and even now the network is little and tight. Anyway, in spite of the popular idea of Gràcia it is additionally a customary barrio with an expansive elderly populace which makes for an entertaining and odd blend.

Les Corts District- Les Corts is an imperative monetary business region in Barcelona and accordingly has numerous great lodgings and eateries, however, less in the method for vacation destinations. Additionally, on Diagonal there is a vast shopping complex called L'Illa. In L'Illa there are a few decent eateries, a gigantic general store, a little presentation focus and obviously loads of garments shops.

Montjuic - Picturesque Montjuïc described by the astounding perspectives of the city when you get to the highest point of the mountain (increasingly a precarious slope truly) Tourist attractions incorporate the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, MNAC exhibition hall, and Poble Espanyol. Barcelona Olympic stadium is just a short leave.