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  1. Idagio: the Berlin startup that wants to be the Spotify of classical music. It offers more than 1.2 million recordings of 2,500 orchestras, 6,500 directors and 60,000 soloists to its users in 180 countries. His data model, different from that of popular music, created a practical interface.

  2. The news of Nintendo in E3: a new The Legend of Zelda and more characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Japanese company did not disappoint and presented an advance of its next deliveries.

    The participation of Nintendo in E3 did not disappoint and among the most important novelties that were announced are the integration of the iconic Banjo-Kazooie character to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate squad and the announcement of the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

  3. "Marvel's Avengers": this is the expected video game from Square Enix. Although the story is not part of the same plot line of the films, it will be possible to take control of characters such as Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow or Hulk.

    The closing of the conference of Square Enix in the E3 2019 was one of the most exciting moments for the followers of Marvel, because the new game was presented Marvel's Avengers, one of the most awaited titles by the public.

  4. Messi on the cover, the Bombonera, the Monumental and Maradona: the novelties of the PES 2020.

    The successful sports franchise will be released in September. What are the main changes that will be incorporated?

    In the middle of his conference at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition, Konami presented the news that will have the annual launch of his sports badge video game. This is eFootbal PES 2020, the new name that Pro Evolution Soccer will take from this year, and that includes changes in its online competition modes and in the game experience.

  5. CES Asia began, one of the most important technology fairs, with the commercial war as background.

    New products will be presented for three days to be launched in the Asian market. The disputes between the US and China were present in the opening message.

    In the SNIEC (in Spanish, the New Shanghai International Exhibition Center) there are more than 550 exhibiting companies. There CES Asia began today, until June 13, and unlike the Las Vegas version, it is not a global technology show. Its focus is the Asian market, presenting new innovations in the region.

  6. Why the 5G revolution is expected to generate a global cataract of electronic waste. "This is bigger than the passage from black and white to color, larger than the analog to digital step," said an e-waste expert on the hundreds of millions of equipment that will become obsolete.

  7. Barcelona, ​​pioneer in preventing the illegal sale of animals 'online'. The City Council notes that the MilAnuncios and Vibbo portals do not respect the current regulations. Barcelona is the first city that opens a procedure for the illicit trade in animals.

    The City Council of Barcelona has confirmed that the Thousand Ads and Vibbo web portals do not respect the current regulations on the sale of animals and that they put animal welfare at risk.

  8. The MareNostrum 5 supercomputer will launch the conquest of processors and chips 'made in Europe'.

    The future supercomputer MareNostrum 5 of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center - National Center of Supercomputing (BSC) will launch the conquest of processors and chips 'made in Europe' so that the 2025 machines can incorporate it, announced on Monday at a press conference on director, Mateo Valero, after choosing the center to house pre-exescale technology within the EuroHCP initiative.

  9. The judge of the 1-O refuses to prosecute the former top positions of the Govern and TV3 by criminal organization.

    The judge investigating the preparations of the 1-O has ruled to prosecute criminal organization to 28 of the thirty investigated, including former senior officials of the Govern, to understand that they lacked the "infrastructure to perform a criminal plan" and not they were joined by a "lasting associative agreement".

  10. The Spanish exam of the selectivity in Catalonia includes a text by Jorge Luis Borges.

    The Spanish Language and Literature exam, the first of the University Entrance Examinations (PAU) in Catalonia, has included on Wednesday a fragment of 'The Sand Book', by Jorge Luis Borges, and a newspaper article that addresses the choice of university career, the latter being the option chosen mostly by the students consulted.

  11. The boom of tourist flats extends to Vallès. Sant Cugat temporarily suspends new licenses after requests are fired while Sabadell sees a business opportunity.

    The increase of tourist flats in the Vallès Occidental begins to worry, at the same time that, in some municipalities, it is interpreted as an opportunity for economic growth. While in Sant Cugat the licenses for this type of activity have just been suspended temporarily, in Sabadell the phenomenon is analyzed to promote, in an orderly manner, this new business.

  12. The center is running for migrant girls who are victims of violence. A house in the countryside hosts since March adolescents threatened with trafficking and forced marriages.

    Amina, fictitious name, fled from her family to avoid a forced marriage with a man who
    almost three times the age. The teenager, aged 16, left the Moroccan coast in Patera, arrived in Algeciras and then traveled to Barcelona, ​​where she explained her situation in a police station.

  13. The Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona launches the first large capacity bicycle parking.

    Able to store 100 vehicles, it has been located next to the Rodalies de Gavà station to promote intermodality between the two sustainable transport systems.

    Bike and train. This is the combination of sustainable transport systems that seeks to promote the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB), which on Wednesday inaugurated the first large capacity bicycle parking.

  14. The DGAIA stops the center for 'menas' of the Free Trade Zone.

    "Administrative and legal problems", according to the Generalitat, prevent opening the service of immediate attention.

  15. The plot of the tourist rentals sublet 27 floors.

    The City Council has opened 32 disciplinary proceedings against this group: each can carry fines of up to 600,000 euros.

    Barcelona City Council follows closely the movements of an organized group that, according to numerous small owners, rent houses and then re-rent them for days to tourists. Numerous private owners denounced in La Vanguardia that they are victims of defaults and abuses, which feel completely helpless.

  16. The hypothesis that the two executed of Sarrià could be victims of the internal republican violence takes force.

    No personal documentation has been found on the remains, nor the bullet that killed the individual who has a hole in the occipital

  17. 87 detainees of a band that robbed in homes in Barcelona.

    Mossos and Police dismantle a criminal organization to which more than 70 robberies are charged with force

  18. Six models denounce sexual harassment of a Barcelona photographer

    The girls, between 19 and 24 years old, have told the Mossos that the defendant, about 60 years old, pressured them to take off their clothes and have sexual intercourse during the sessions.

  19. Satanic references, masonry and alchemy: the unresolved legends of Antoni Gaudí

    The five-pointed star in Parc Güell, the cross of the Eight Beatitudes in the Sagrada Família, the alignment of its buildings ... We compile some of the research that establishes it as the most extravagant and mystical architect of modern Spain.

  20. e3 2019: Nintendo is totally focused on the current generation: The future is now

    "Before we talk about the next generation, let's talk about the current generation."

  21. This is how Motorola One Vision works, the new 48-megapixel sensor cell that just arrived.

    Less than a month after the global launch, the team disembarks in the country with premium features. Meet him

    Motorola launched on Tuesday in Argentina the second member of its new line of devices with the operating system Abdroid One, clean, without modifications by the manufacturer. This is One Vision, a cell phone that combines the experience of bringing cinema to the palm of your hand and the best camera that the company offers in the country.

  22. Amazon dethrones Google as the most valuable brand in the world and Trump does not hurt Huawei, as the China firm climbed a step in the ranking and ranked 47th despite the measures applied by Trump.

    Amazon dethroned the technological giants Google and Apple as the most valuable company in the world, according to the global ranking Brandz 2019, which was published today on the New York Stock Exchange.